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Yay! Laser hair removal has come to Snap! This is carried out by our lovely Vicky.
IPL works by impulses of light and heat to target and destroy specific areas of hair. You’re able to have a number of different areas of hair removed including top lip, arm, abdomen, and bikini line.


What is the difference between IPL laser and traditional laser?

IPL shares similarities to laser, however traditional lasers use a single wavelength (colour) of light which typically only matches one chromophore, whereas IPL uses a broad spectrum, meaning it can treat a number of different hair types as well as skin conditions.

Does IPL laser hair removal hurt?

No, Vicky will need you to feel something so she knows the treatment is working, but most describe it as warmth not pain.

How long do I wait in-between sessions? 

Typically you wait between 4-6 weeks in-between sessions.

How many sessions do I need for it to work?

Typically, IPL laser hair removal takes 6 sessions for it to start working. Dependant on your skin and hair type, you may need slightly more or slightly less than 6 sessions to see results. Vicky, our technician can advise you of a more exact estimate upon consultation.

Area Single price Course of 6
upper lip £40.00 £192.00
chin £45.00 £216.00
jawline £45.00 £216.00
neck £45.00 £216.00
full arm £150.00 £720.00
upper/lower arm £90.00 £432.00
underarms £55.00 £264.00
standard bikini £60.00 £288.00
brazilian/hollywood £155.00 £552.00
full leg £250.00 £1200.00
upper leg/lower leg £150.00 £720.00
chest/shoulders £120.00 £576.00
nipples £25.00 £120.00
abdomen £35.00 £168.00
back £200.00 £960.00
buttocks £80.00 £384.00
feet/toes or fingers/hands £50.00 £240.00
01702 613125
245 Hamstel Road
Southend on Sea, Essex
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