2021 Feel Good Package – Dark


Tier 4 has made us all feel a bit rubbish – right?! A good pamper is sometimes all you need!
Our kit contains our washable fake tanning mitt, a sample sized Vita Liberata Superfine Skin Polish exfoliator, Rose & Caramel Intensity Tanning Mousse (perfect for those who want a dark tan), Vita Liberata Gradual Tanning lotion, Vita Liberata Body Blur and Emilina Hair thirst infusion hair mask.

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First, use the exfoliator to buff off any dead skin on your body, we recommend doing any hair removal before doing this.
Then, use the gradual tanning moisturiser all over your body and leave for 8 hours (or overnight).
Pop in the Emilina hair mask and chill for 8 hours (or overnight)
In the morning (or after 8 hours) shower, and wash out the hair mask (shampoo twice).
Then apply fake tan with the mitt and leave for another 8 hours (or overnight) and shower again. Moisturise again after showering.

Castor oil
Hydrogenated castor oil
Refined Coconut oil
Unrefined coconut oil
Avocado oil
Olive oil
Jojoba oil
Argan butter
Shea butter
Unrefined cocoa butter
Lavender, lemon, mint and eucalyptus essential oils
Sea Buckthorn Oil

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