Reusable makeup pads

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These reusable makeup pads are a perfect replacement for cotton pads or face wipes! These large, spongey pads are super soft on the skin, not to mention 100% plastic free, sustainable and machine washable. These pads come in a pack of 3.

It is the perfect step to make in being more sustainable at home, not to mention saving a bit of money.

Please note, we recommend washing the pads in a delicates bag.

Switch Over to Reusable Makeup Pads!

Are you still using a cotton make-up pad or a face wipe for make-up applications? You should switch over to Snap Beauty Salon’s amazing reusable makeup pads that are skin-friendly, affordable, and reusable. We assure you that our make-up pads are a perfect replacement of your traditional cotton pads or face wipes for either applying make-up or removing it. The best part of these pads is that tgey are large and spongy, which makes them super soft on your skin. Our reusable makeup pads are 100% plastic free, sustainable and machine washable. We make available our pads in a pack of 3. So, why to waste a lot of money on non-reusable products when you can simply wash and use this make up pads for innumerable times.

Why Choose Our Reusable makeup pads?

Switching over to our reusable makeup pads will make you more sustainable at home and you can contribute your bit to the environment as these are reusable. Other reasons behind the immense preference of our reusable makeup pads are:

Skin friendly

Easy to use

Easy to wash

100% plastic free


Super soft

Available in a pack of 3

Reasonably priced

So, contact us to get reusable makeup pads today!


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1 review for Reusable makeup pads

  1. Holly White

    Love these pads when cleansing my face, they feel so soft and gentle on my skin. would definitely recommend changing your skin routine to include these pads over the use of wipes

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