A Guide to Using Fake Tan Remover

A Guide to Using Fake Tan Remover

Whether you’re ready to embrace the fair-skinned look for the winter, or you’ve had a bad fake tan you’d rather scrub from your memory, then fake tan remover is a godsend. From removing streaks and mistakes to getting rid of fake tan completely, removal products are great for evening things out or getting back to square one. While mitts and a whole lot of scrubbing have been the solutions for a lot of us, there are countless products out there to make the process smoother and far less uncomfortable. We’re taking a look at some of these options, and more in our guide to using fake tan remover.

How Does Fake Tan Remover Work?

Most, if not all fake tan removers contain oils and ingredients designed to break down fake tan. There are a number of different types, including immediate removal, chemical exfoliants, and those that require physical exfoliation. What they all have in common, however, is that they break down the tanning colour elements (DHA) within the tanning solution, making it easier to remove or even out darker or streaky spots.

What Fake Tan Removers Are There?

Fake tan remover comes in a variety of forms, usually depending on the tan you’ve used and the preferred method of removal, with some more gentle than others. From the gentle and convenient body washes and bath soaks, to foams and scrubs to aid exfoliation, there are a number to choose from.

Body Wash And Shower Gels

Body washes and shower gels, such as the Rose & Caramel Purity Self Tan Removing Shower Gel, are designed to make the self-tan removal process a simple and painless one. Three minutes of lathering on your skin are all it takes to loosen the tan, and then a gentle buff with the included exfoliation gloves will see the colour wash away without the need for any excessive or painful scrubbing. The shower gel, in particular, is designed to break down the old product completely to ensure you won’t need to put in any back-breaking exfoliation work.

Bath Soaks

The Rose & Caramel Purity Self Tan Removing Bubble Bath is another easy-to-use product that doesn’t require much hard work from you either. It works in a similar fashion to the shower gel by breaking down the tan, but you don’t even have to lather it up – simply run a bath, pop in the bubble bath and soak for 20 minutes. This product also comes with exfoliation gloves for a quick buff after removing the tan completely. Both the shower gel and the bath soak are gentle on the skin and perfume and alcohol-free, making them one of the best self-tan removers for maintaining your skin. We also offer a bundle of both the bath soak and the shower gel too, meaning you can pick and choose your method of choice 


Many self-tan removers in spray form tend to be chemical exfoliants, meaning that they won’t need much, if any physical exfoliation. This can mean they are a little harsher on the skin, but with the right product, this can be avoided. Some only use natural oils to break down the self-tan, while others use chemicals such as glycolic acid, or even micellar water. It ultimately comes down to personal preference and in some cases, which tan you used in the first place.


Foam self-tan removers generally take away the need to lather up a spray or shower gel, but do require a bit of care in not getting it everywhere! Some foams work as chemical exfoliants and simply melt the tan away, while others require a bit of hard work with an exfoliant mitt to really get the streaks out – each brand will have it’s own formula and so expect different amounts of work for each.


Scrubs are a physical exfoliant that usually feature a blend of oils, chemicals and other ingredients to make scrubbing away the tan a little easier. This does still require some hard work and can be tougher on the skin than body washes, bubble baths or even foams, but may offer more control if you’re only looking to lighten the tan or deal with darker patches, streaks or mistakes.

Is There a “Secret Ingredient”?

Each self-tan remover will contain its own ingredients, but there’s one in particular that seems to be the secret ingredient in a lot of chemical exfoliants, including the Rose & Caramel range – Urea.

Urea is a natural chemical which is actually found naturally within your skin as standard. It works as part of your natural hydration and moisturisation and plays a part in your own natural exfoliation process. The use of this chemical within self-tan removers offers that exfoliation benefit on a slightly higher scale, without damaging your skin or compromising moisture. Urea within any beauty product, including self-tan remover, offers natural moisturisation as well as that natural, gentle but effective exfoliation needed to loosen the layers of skin affected by the self tan. Coupled with a buff using exfoliating gloves, and your skin is left smooth, soft and free of fake tan.

For more information regarding the products we offer here at Snap Beauty to help you with your fake tan removal, take a look at our range of Rose & Caramel products or feel free to get in touch for more advice or information, today.