All about our strip eyelash range

Did you know Snap Beauty have their own range of strip lashes? We have a growing range of strip eyelashes to suit every body! Our eyelashes are hand-made, luxury strip lashes that are designed by make-up artists.

Let’s take a closer look at our eyelash range!


Our classic range features lashes 01 through to 05. This range is our original range of lashes, they range from natural lashes like our 01’s, to our 02’s which are a lot fuller and therefore best for those who want a more glamorous look. This range is particularly popular with bridal makeup artists, our 04, 01 and 05 lashes are highly popular for bridal looks.


Our Russian lash range includes two styles of lash that we categorise under the style “russian strip eyelashes”. Traditionally, Russian eyelashes refer to individual lash extensions. The technique is the process of hand making a lash “fan” and applying it to a natural eyelash. This technique produces a fully and full eyelash that typically will last 2-3 weeks when applied by a professional with professional lash glue. This process however, takes around 2 hours plus!
Our Russian Strip Lashes will save you time and money, costing £10 rather than an average of £60 for professionally done lash extensions, plus you’re able to re-use our strip lashes up to 60 times!

We have our 06’s for those who prefer a slightly more natural strip lash, or our


With the emerging popularity of half lashes, it was only right for Snap Beauty to launch our own half lashes! Our 09’s are super natural lashes that are ideal for those looking to give their own eyelashes a little boost, as opposed to something overwhelming and obvious. These lashes are perfect for bridal makeup.
In contrast we have our 08 lashes that are fluffy and textured, these lashes are perfect for finishing off a feline or “cat eye” makeup look. These lashes are great for those with hooded eyes to accentuate your outer corner and make your eye appear lifted and open.

You’re able to view all of our lashes together on our dedicated lash website: www.snapbeauty.co.uk