The Best Brow Products to Achieve a Full and Fluffy Brow

The big brow trend is certainly here to stay! 2020 saw the takeover of brow lamination in the beauty industry, the process in which the bond of brow hair is broken, enabling the hair to be completely manipulated. Once the brow is completely manipulatable, a fuller brow can easily be achieved by simply brushing the hair into the desired place. 

Once the pandemic hit and beauty salons were closed, everybody wanted to achieve the lamination look at home. We have sourced some products for you to be achieve a natural, yet full and fluffy brow using some products that aim to emulate brow lamination!

To achieve a brow that is fuller yet natural looking, we suggest starting with using an eyebrow pencil to add in hair-strokes to your existing brow. HD Brows Browtec pencil is absolutely perfect for re-creating hair-strokes. The soft and creamy texture, paired with the pencil being ultra-slim and retractable means you’re able to draw on realistic stokes with ease.

Formulated with a blend of waxes for maximum longevity, Browtec was named in the top 10 of Vogues’ “Best eyebrow pencils of 2016”. Browtec is available in 6 shades to suit a range of brow colours.

Browtec in shade Vamp

Next, to achieve that brushed up look with fantastic hold, choose our bestselling HD Brows Brow Glue. Loved by celebrities and influencers across the UK, Brow glue offers a hold like no other!


After a year of development, the easy to apply gel will enable you to tame the brows or brush them up for a fluffy and fuller look. It’s perfect for creating that lamination look, at home! 

HD Brows, Brow Glue

You can book for Brow Sculpt, our version of brow lamination, here.