Best Treatments for Acne Scarring

Our Treatments 

Many people suffer with acne scarring and other skin concerns which can be really damaging to our confidence. However, you’ll be glad to know that here at Snap Beauty, Southend, Essex, we have all the best treatments for acne scarring available. We have fully trained professionals here give you the best results, and leave the salon with healthy, glowing skin – and a smile!

At Snap Beauty, in Essex; we offer many treatments which can conquer and reduce many different skin concerns. However, when it comes to acne scarring, we have both Microneedling and Chemical Peels. Both Microneedling and Chemical Peels are extremely effective at combatting acne scarring, as well as other skin concerns our clients may have.


At Snap Beauty, we offer Microneedling treatments to help tackle skin concerns including acne scarring. We would usually recommend a course of 6 treatments to reduce acne scarring however a full consultation will take place prior to your treatment where we will talk you through everything and make it clear how many sessions would be recommended. You will also need a patch test prior to your Microneedling treatment. Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure, where thousands of controlled microscopic needles incise into the papillary and reticular dermis. This then creates a controlled injury response within your tissues. Microneedling stimulates a transformative growth factor which triggers the natural healing process. Therefore, leaving scar-less healing on the skin, and over time, the skin eventually becoming tighter, due to the maturing of the new collagen produced. 

Chemical peels

Chemical Peels are another treatment we offer at Snap Beauty. Chemical Peels work wonders for reducing the appearance of acne scarring, similarly to Microneedling. Chemical Peels are a non-invasive, and affordable treatment which is great at tackling acne scarring, but also fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and sun damaged skin. Here at Snap Beauty, Southend, we offer many different types of chemical peels which each have their specialities. When choosing your Peel, we will discuss all the options within your consultation, and ensure the right Chemical Peel is chosen to achieve optimum results. Both treatments are recommended to clients suffering with the appearance of acne scarring (and other skin issues and concerns) however, in your skin consultation here at Snap Beauty, we will talk through with you, all the options available as well as recommending what we think is best for your skin concern, and situation. 


Both Microneedling and Chemical peels have some aspect of downtime, however our Chemical Peels have more down time than Microneedling. After your Chemical Peel, you will experience sensitive skin and this is because when having a peel, your protective barrier will be vulnerable, therefore you must take extra care of your skin post peel. We recommend using a minimum of factor 30 applied daily, as well as keeping your skin super hydrated post peel. You may experience some peeling on day 3-5 post peel, which is why hydration is key for the downtime. Microneedling downtime is a lot less invasive, and we advise for you to avoid wearing any makeup for the first 24 hours post treatment. We also advice to refrain from using a sunbed a week after you have had your treatment, as well as avoiding exfoliation on the face, and using retinoids for one week post treatment. 

TOP TIP: try adding Hydr8 B5 into your daily moisturiser, to keep that post peel skin hydrated! 

We advise purchasing our Medik8 post treatment kit (£29), which includes a gentle cleanser, hyaluronic acid, SPF, and their treatment recovery cream, ultimate recovery. This kit is great for both Microneedling and Chemical Peel after care and will ensure your recovery time is quick and smooth! 

At Home Treatments 

When struggling with acne scarring, there are many things you can do alongside treatments at home. Regularly exfoliating your skin can speed up the process by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new cells to grow – which reduces the appearance of acne scarring on the skin. You can also use Retinols at home, Retinols are often used in many anti-ageing products and creams, however they can be effective at treating acne scarred skin. Retinols can help unclog pores and leave the skin looking smooth, and overall improve the tone and texture of your skin. Also, the use of Vitamin C treatments may be hugely beneficial in reducing the appearance of your acne scarring, as well as having it present in your diet, to aid the body’s natural processes. 

Here at Snap Beauty, we have treatments on offer which can be beneficial to many skin concerns, including acne scarring. However, this being said; having a home routine using effective products is something we would recommend. We have some amazing products by ZO skin available at Snap Beauty, Southend. If you are someone who struggles with acne scarring, or perhaps another concern with your skin; we offer FREE consultations where we can discuss your options for treatments, as well as your options for our ZO skin care products, helping to look after your skin! Book in for your Microneedling, Chemical Peel or FREE ZO skin consultation now.