Do strip lashes ruin your natural lashes?
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If you’re reading this, it is likely that you’re wanting to start using false eyelashes to enhance your look. Whether it’s a special occasion, or you’re wanting to enhance your look every day, using strip lashes can be a fantastic way to enhance your natural look and accentuate your eyes. 

A frequently asked question surrounding using false lashes everyday is that whether they have the potential to ruin your natural lashes. The answer is no! If false lashes are applied correctly, i.e without excessive glue and sitting just above the lash line, your natural lashes will be completely unaffected by your strip lashes. 

If accidentally you do apply glue to your natural lashes, do not worry. We advise carefully peeling off the strip lashes, and your natural lashes will escape unharmed. Use a makeup remover and a cotton bud along the lash line to help with this. If however, you carelessly rip off your strip lashes, you may catch your natural lashes and rip them out or damage them.

Our lashes are designed to have easy application, as well as have multiple uses. We advise using a makeup remover along the base of the strip to clean your lashes to ensure maximum longevity.

Can lash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

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In theory, if you have lash extensions that are applied incorrectly, or poorly by an inexperienced technician, they could damage your natural lashes. We always recommend going to an experienced technician who is using high quality glue, and use lashes that are a safe length and thickness for your natural lashes.

Here’s our top tips for having lash extensions: 

  • Choose a lash technician that is knowledgeable and will pick lashes for you that suit your natural lashes. 
  • Clean your lashes daily using micellar water (non-oily). The cleaner your lashes, the better your retention! 
  • Have them infilled every 2-3 weeks, heavily grown out lashes can apply pressure to your natural lashes and risk snapping.
  • Brush them everyday using a lash spoolie. This will ensure your lashes stay neat and separated. 
  • Avoid using mascara. Mascara will clump your lash extensions and will be difficult to remove. If left unremoved, bacteria will build on the lashes, causing potential infections. Applying mascara to false lashes too will also loosen the bond of the glue, causing lashes to come out quicker.

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