HD Brows vs Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a brand new brow treatment that in the last 6 months, has taken the industry by storm! Originating in Russia, it is the process in which the bond of your brow hair is broken, enabling the hair to be completely fluid. Traditional lamination is a trend in which brows are brushed completely upwards, and the brow hair looks much fluffier and fuller.

We undertook lamination training with HD Brows, who have created their own spin on traditional brow lamination, and named the treatment “Brow Sculpt”. The idea behind Brow Sculpt is that you’re also getting a full HD Brow treatment alongside your brow lamination. A traditional HD Brow consists of a tinting, measuring your brows, waxing, threading and finishing off the brow with makeup. With Brow Sculpt, you get all of this, plus the lamination part.

In comparison to a traditional lamination treatment, the idea behind Brow Sculpt is that you don’t have to go for the traditional “brushed up” lamination look. After Brow Sculpt treatment, your brow hair is completely fluid meaning they can be manipulated into a better overall shape.
If you have a gappy brow, or perhaps a brow that is lacking slightly on the arch, brow sculpt is an ideal treatment to get a better shape using entirely your natural hair.

We love the new Brow Sculpt treatment, but don’t worry! We will never stop doing your traditional HD brows. It is the perfect treatment for creating a brow that suits your face entirely, and encouraging your hair to grow in, in the right places. It is the ultimate treatment for the best brow, using your own hair only.

Brow Sculpt 💓

This is a perfect example of the client needing her brow rebalancing to create a better shape. With HD brows we will have had to taken her brow a lot thinner, however with brow sculpt, we were able to create a balanced brow, whilst still keeping it full.

This client didn’t necessarily want her brows in the pushed up, fluffy look. Using a sweeping motion for the hairs has enabled us to cover any gaps her in brow, leaving a fuller and beautifully shaped brow with all of her natural hair.


HD Brows 💓

Above, show a traditional HD Brow. This treatment is ideal for those who don’t like the brushed up look, and want an ultra defined brow that is tailored to your face. We often use makeup techniques to fill in the brow whilst your brow grows in, in the necessary places.

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