How to Find the Right Shade for Your HD Brows

Achieving the right shade for your brows is an important part of looking and feeling yourself. Yet finding the right shade can be tricky, as you want them to look natural, yet still defined. The right shade will also compliment your hair colour and skin tone, whilst choosing the wrong shade can make your eyebrows look too dark and coloured in. 

With varying shades and undertones to take into consideration, if you are you not quite sure how to get them back to a better-looking colour, in this blog post, we will try to help you solve your HD Brows shade dilemma.

HD Brows Shades

When it comes to eyebrows, there is no one-shape-fits-all. Similarly, there is no one-shade-suits-all, which is why HD Brows makeup products cater for all tones, colours and styles. The full range comes in six colours to choose from, which you should match your natural hair colour to as below, so you can be sure that there is a shade to suit you.

It isn’t often as simple as simply choosing blonde or brown, you also need to think about undertones, warm will have golden or red highlights while cool will have an ashy look.

  • HD Brows Smoke – If your hair is grey, silver or ash in colour, with no warm undertones, then HD Brows Smoke is the shade for you. According to the official HD Brows website, this is also the best choice if you have very light pastel coloured hair.
  • HD Brows Bombshell – This is the most suitable choice of shade for those with blonde hair, both light and neutral in tone.
  • HD Brows Siren – For redheads, the HD Brows Siren shade is the ultimate choice for adding a warm tone to the eyebrows.
  • HD Brows Foxy – Foxy is the shade of choice for people with medium brown colour hair looking to add warmer tones to the brows.
  • HD Brows Vamp – The Vamp shade is the top choice for brunettes, those with dark brown hair with deeper warm or cool tones.
  • HD Brows Raven – This is the darkest shade available from the HD Brows range. It makes a statement by giving an intense deepness to your eyebrows.

Don’t be afraid to mix shades. It’s a great way of adding extra definition in certain areas while still keeping others more natural. Ultimately, just as with your choice of hair colour, the shade that you choose for your brows is your own personal preference. If you do want your brows to match your hair then follow the above advice, but there is also nothing wrong with darker brows and lighter hair. 

HD Brows Products

The six shades above are available across a range of four different HD Brows makeup products, including:

  • HD Brows Browtec  An ultra-slim, retractable pencil that was named in Vogue as one of the 10 best eyebrow pencils of 2016. It offers a non-oily, long-lasting formula.
  • HD Brows Brow Define  A brow pencil that everyone should own. Brow Define is a trusty all-rounder to fill, define, blend and shape brows to perfection.
  • HD Brows Brow Colorfix – A tinted brow gel that adds colour and texture to your brows. 
  • HD Brows Brow Creme – The ultimate brow pomade for budge-proof brows.

At Snap Beauty we are official HD Brows stylists in Essex, which means that we can create a bespoke shade, tone and finish that suits you perfectly. You can also browse our range of HD Brows makeup available to buy in our online shop. Contact us to find out more.