How to Keep Your Makeup on in Hot Weather

Is there anything worse than spending hours perfecting your makeup, than to step outside into an unexpected heatwave and feel it slide off your face? We think not!

Fear not! There are steps you can take to ensure that if you’re dead set on a full glam look in 30-degree heat, (no judgement here, we love it) you’ve got the best chance that your hard work and dedication isn’t going unnoticed.

Follow these steps to help your makeup stay put.

It’s all in the prep!

Make sure you’ve completed your best cleanse, tone and moisturise to get rid of any excess oils prior to applying any makeup to your skin. If you suffer from oily skin, ensure the moisturiser you’re using is oil-free. The less excess oil on the skin in hot weather, the better.


A makeup primer will give your foundation a smooth and even base to adhere to, this, in turn, will ensure longevity to your base.

Pick your foundation wisely!

Most foundations on the market are oil or water-based, however, in hot weather, we recommended using a foundation that includes a high quantity of silicone. Silicone-based foundations will be a lot more waterproof (and sweatproof!) than any other foundation type. A silicone base will form a film on your skin, preventing moisture from escaping and leaving your makeup almost undisturbed when faced with small amounts of water.

If you’re feeling fancy and you’re getting your makeup done, ask your artist if she has any airbrush foundations. Airbrush brands such as Airbase are completely silicone-based, therefore you can almost guarantee it will have a better chance of surviving extreme heat.

If you’re after a high street brand of silicone-based foundations, we highly recommend Estee Lauder’s “Double Wear” or HD Brow’s “Fluid Foundation”. Both foundations are traditionally a full coverage foundation, if you’d like a slightly more natural coverage but still want a silicone base, our recommendation would be to mix the foundation with an oil-free moisturiser for more natural coverage.

Set your makeup!

We recommend using a translucent powder on top of your face makeup, in particular on your t-zone. Your t-zone is the most likely place you’ll produce more excess oil, so make sure you give this area a good coating when finishing your makeup. Our favourite translucent powder is Ben Nye’s Luxury Powder. Not only does this product come in a variety of shades, but it also is the best for longevity.

Last but not least,… sun cream!

Yep, you read that correctly, sun cream will be your saviour when it comes to keeping your makeup on in hot weather. Any aerosol, dry mist, waterproof suncream used as a setting spray is your best friend in these conditions. Not only will it be added SPF protection for your skin, but its waterproof properties will also help form a coating on your makeup, helping it to not move an inch.

Our favourite is Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Mist sunscreen, you can purchase this from most supermarkets and drugstores.

We really hope you found our tips for makeup in hot weather helpful. Snap Beauty have a lovely team of highly-trained and experienced makeup artists in Essex. We also offer wedding makeup in Essex.

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