Luxury Strip Lashes


Introducing, Strip Lashes by Snap Beauty ! Our luxury range of eyelashes are re-usable, faux mink and cruelty free.
We have chosen these lash styles based upon our most frequently requested lash styles by our clients.

Our lashes are high-quality and completely luxury. They have been hand-picked and designed based on the styles of lash that are most frequently used by our makeup artists.

We hope you enjoy our luxury range as much as we do!

How long do the lashes last?

Our lashes are extremely high quality, we have designed them so they are able to be re-used up to 15 times. We advise keeping them in the box after use for best storage, as well as cleaning the lash free of adhesive after each use. We recommend using soapy water for this.

I have hooded eyes, can I wear your strip lashes?
Yes, of course! In fact, wearing false lashes may accentuate your eyes and open up the eye. We recommend lash styles 4 and 5 in particular for hooded eyes.

I’ve never worn strip lashes before, will I be able to feel them?
Putting strip lashes on for the first time can be daunting, however its much simpler of a task that you think! We recommend purchasing the Duo lash adhesive on our website to ensure the lashes stay on all day without worry. We also recommend using a magnifying mirror and some tweezers to help position the lashes in place.
For the first few minutes once you’ve applied the strip lashes, they will feel alien and maybe even heavy on your eyes. After a few minutes (and a lot of blinking), your eyes will adjust and you won’t even feel you have strip lashes on.

What makes your lashes different?

Our collection is designed by our professional make-up artists. Our artists have designed them based on which lashes they feel they would frequently use in their kit, our range has a style to suit all!

For more information on our products, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.¬†

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