Vita Liberata Tanning ProductsVita Liberata tanning offers luxury sunless tanning products that release the full skincare benefits from organic ingredients, without using potentially harmful chemicals. Natural ingredients mean natural results. Vita Liberata tanning products have been designed using “Advoganic Technology” to give you the most natural-looking results. The organic formulas come in a variety of formats to make it as easy as possible to apply and to achieve the most flawless tan.

Vita Liberata only use the finest organic extracts in gentle formulas that nourish and care for your skin whilst you tan, with results that last up to four times longer than a natural tan. Moisturised, hydrated skin means flawless results that fade naturally. Organic extracts that truly deliver.

Vita Liberata is a firm favourite among our spray tan clients, and now the Vita Liberata home range is a staple in their collections.

Are Vita Liberata tans easy to apply? 
Yes they are! Vita Liberata products are rich in hyaluronic acid, meaning the tan hydrates as it applies to your skin, contributing to a smoother application.

I’m a tanning newbie, what’s the easiest way to apply my tan? 

Skin prep is so integral to getting an even coverage with your tan! We recommend doing and hair removal and moisturising one day prior to tanning. We also recommend using a tanning mitt to apply your tan using circular motions to apply the tan to your body.

Are there different shades of Vita Liberata Tan?
Yes there are! All of of the Vita Liberata tans are natural looking, however there are different shades of tan to choose from.

How long does the tan last?
We estimate that Vita Liberata Tans last 5-7 days. We recommend moisturising daily to make sure the tan lasts. A top tip from us is to use the Vita Liberata Gradual Tanner  to top up your tan. Your skin will be glowing all week!

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