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A lash lift is a cosmetic beauty treatment that enhances the curl and appearance of your natural lashes. It involves lifting and curling the lashes from the base to give them a more defined and voluminous look. The process includes applying a lifting solution to the lashes, followed by a setting solution to lock in the curl. Lash lifts are a popular option for those seeking a low-maintenance way to enhance their natural lashes without the need for extensions or mascara.

We use our very own solution to complete our lash lifts. Our solution is Vegan formulated, made in the U.K and is used by beauticians countrywide. If you’re a professional, you’re able to shop our solution here.


How long do lash lifts last? 
Lash lifts typically last 6-8 weeks. You’re able to have your tint topped up after around 4 weeks if you’re in need of a re-fresh.

Are my eyes closed during a lash lift?
Yes, our lash lifts are performed whilst your eyes are closed for maximum comfort.  You will be laying down for the duration of your treatment, we will ensure you’re relaxed and comfortable throughout.

Is a tint included during a lash lift treatment?

Yes it is! We always tint both your top and bottom lashes in a lash lift treatment. If you do not want a tint, please let your therapist know prior to your lash lift treatment starting.

Do lash lifts hurt?
No, lash lifts should not hurt. You will feel your lashes being attached to the shield, however this shouldn’t hurt. The treatment is a quick and easy treatment that involves minimal touch that could be perceived as painful.

Do lash lifts damage my lashes? 
No, they don’t. Our formulation is vegan and super gentle. If you’re concerned about the health of your lashes, we recommend using a serum to nourish the lashes after they have been treatment.

Is there any aftercare I need to know for my last lift?
We advise keeping your lash lift dry and away from steam and extreme heat (eg saunas) for 24 hours after your lash lift. Your lash lift will drop if you get your lash lift wet within this time period.