Microblading is a type of semi-permanent makeup that’s taken the beauty world by storm! The treatment is done by using a freehand blade in order to lightly scratch lifelike hair strokes into your brows. It can give the appearance of a fuller and bigger brow, that looks extremely natural and realistic.

Microblading lasts for about 1 year before needing a colour boost top up. Unlike traditional machine tattooing, microblading only reaches the top layer of the skin, so it is less of a permanent fixture.

We carry out our microblading procedure over two treatments. Your first session will be an hour and a half after, then 6 weeks later will be your second treatment which will last approximately an hour.

A patch test and consultation is required before any microblading procedure can take place. During your consultation we discuss any medical conditions that may inhibit you from proceeding with the treatment, as well as discussing colour, shape and discussing the overall treatment.

Before your appointment we advise to wash your hair, as well as avoid coffee, alcohol and ibuprofen for 24 hours prior.


Free patch test and consultation
1st session £150
2nd session (5-6 weeks later) £150

Please note a deposit is required to secure your appointment.

Snap Beauty are offering microblading in Essex including Southend-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea, Benfleet and Rayleigh and all of the surrounding areas.


Does microblading hurt?

You may experience some mild discomfort during your microblading appointment. We do use pre-numb on the area before proceeding with the treatment to try to ensure maximum client comfort.


How long does the treatment take?

Your microblading appointment will take place in two sessions with each session being around 1.5 hours. Remember a lot of the treatment time is spent waiting for the area to be numb and measuring out your brows. The actual blading time is under one hour.


How long until I will need a top up?

Your microblading will fade over the course of a year. We recommend a yearly top up (costed at a maximum of £150) to keep the colour fresh.


What is the aftercare for microblading?

We advise to keep your microblading dry for one week. We advise washing your hair before your come to your appointment, keeping them dry within the first few days is most integral.

Your brows may get very dry and start to scab. Please refrain from picking and touching the scabs, this will only remove the pigment we have implanted.

We also advise avoiding saunas, swimming pools, sunbeds and sunbathing in direct sun whilst your brows are healing.

Please avoid using acids and retinoids in the area of your microblading, if any were to get on the microblading, it could risk strokes fading or merging.


Why do I need two separate treatments?

Microblading only reaches the very top layer of your skin, therefore during the healing process, you are very susceptible to lots of different factors disrupting your healing process. You should expect to have around 70% of the microblading you had on your first session, by the time your second session comes around. Your second session is also a chance to make any amendments to your brows, lots of clients are hesitant to go for a full brow on their first treatment, so we can build this slowly for you.

Can I go on holiday in-between my appointments?

We advise to wait 4 weeks after your first treatment to go on holiday if you’re likely to be in the sun for prolonged periods, then when you’re on holiday we advise protecting your brows with some big sunnies or a hat. Prolonged sun exposure will only fade your brows quicker, so for the best brows, be on your best behaviour!

Is there anything I should avoid doing before my appointment?

We advise not to have alcohol the day before or on the day of treatment, we also advise to steer clear of coffee on the day of treatment. Both coffee and alcohol can thin your blood, making it a lot more likely for you to bleed a lot during the treatment. A slight bit of blood is normal, however lots of blood during the treatment can push the pigment out.


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