The Benefit of Regular Facials

Regular facials may seem like a decadent and unnecessary luxury to some, however if you’ve had a facial with us recently, you will be able to affirm that the benefits of a facial far surpass the parochial perception that facials are exclusively meant for the vein and superficial.Here at Snap we offer a comprehensive range of facials, each help to address a different concern. Our use of premium and medical grade products aside, we aim to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

With the diagnosis of depression and anxiety at an all-time high in the UK, the benefits of regular facials really need to be shouted about. Massage is a central point of our facials, all include a neck, shoulder and décolletage massage as standard. This is more extensive in our longer and more complex facials. Benefits to massage include stimulation of the lymphatic system, reduction in cortisol (the stress hormone), reduced muscle tension, as well as improvement of skin tone. If anything, a massage of some description is essential to add to your self-care routine.

Without spoiling the surprise, we also use techniques and added extras to enhance your relaxation. Music choice is optional when you book online, you get the choice of acoustic, spa, pop/charts or no music. It may sound cliche, however we highly recommend choosing spa music. Not only is spa music perfectly paired to the atmosphere we aim to create, many experiments and theories suggest that spa music has profound benefits to cognitive ability and our general ability to regulate our emotions. Some research suggests that relaxing music provokes faster communication between our neuron’s.

In addition to the relaxation benefits, we will do a thorough skin analysis to identify your skin concerns before starting the treatment. Once identified, we will tailor our facials specifically to you in order to address said concerns. After completing the first treatment, we will suggest skincare or other treatments we think will benefit you and your concerns. If you’re booking in online, you will have to fill out our facial consultation form. This will ask you to detail any concerns and skincare you currently use. Please fill this out in as much detail as possible, this will help us to adequately prepare for your facial.

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