Top Tanning Tips

To those that haven’t ever used fake tan, the thought alone seems scary, right?  Well fear not, it’s not an art! Preparation, however, is key. Tanning is a two-step process. I personally like to do all of my prep on a Wednesday evening, and then Thursday is tan day! That way, you’re freshly bronzed for the weekend. Firstly make sure you’ve removed any old fake tan, you can view our fake tan removers here.

THE DAY BEFORE To start, the day before you’re planning to tan, we always recommend using a good exfoliator to try to get rid of as much dead skin as possible.

After exfoliating, do any hair removal. We always recommend doing any hair removal the day before you tan. If it’s done just before, the pores could still be open, leaving a strawberry like look when your tan develops, and nobody wants that!

We also recommend moisturising the whole body, paying special attention to drier areas on the body.

TANNING DAY Before you go ahead and tan, rub a tiny bit of moisturiser into any drier areas. This will stop the product grabbing so much to those areas. Don’t worry, it won’t make them look white in comparison to the rest of your body. It’ll just stop the intensity in those particular areas. We recommend leaving the moisturiser to settle for 10 minutes before applying the tan.

We always find using a tanning mitt is the easiest method of application. It’s more likely to distribute the product evenly, and it keeps your hands from getting stained. Distribute the tan evenly over your body, avoiding directly going over any bits that you have applied moisturiser too. When it comes to your hands & feet, we recommend lightly brushing over your hand & fingers/foot & toes as opposed to getting right in there in-between your fingers etc, this will make the tan more obvious.

We hope that helps! Here’s a little video that demonstrates actually applying the tan with Vita Liberata products that we stock here at Snap.