What are the benefits of a facial?

Facials aren’t just a pampering treat for the skin they also offer a wide range of benefits beyond relaxation & there are many facials that we offer suitable for every skin type you can take a look at our facials here. One of the primary benefits of a facial is their ability to thoroughly cleanse the skin, all facials include a double cleanse making sure there is no dirt, oils or makeup left on the skin.

Facials often include exfoliation, a process that removes the barrier of dead skin cells, this not only reveals a brighter complexion but also helps to absorb products into the skin faster, enhancing the effectiveness. Our Medik8 facials include a super facial which is a enzyme peel that focuses on the top layer of the epidermis, this helps to clear out dead skin cells, dirt, oil and debris from congested pores.

Many facials involve a step of hydration, you can hydrate by using masks, serums or moisturisers. We offer a deep hydration facial which is a treatment that delivers intense nourishment for dry skin, this includes a serum called Hydr8 B5 which includes hyaluronic acid, this helps your skin to hold moisture and hydrates from the deepest levels for a nourished complexion.

Before we carry out facials we offer a consultation to ensure you are having the right facial for you, our facials can be customised to address specific skin concerns such as acne, ageing or pigmentation. We recommend having facials every 4 weeks, consistent care helps to manage concerns to prevent them from escalating.

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