An Intense Cleanse Facial is a professional skincare treatment specialised to adapt various different skin problems by using specific products and techniques. The facial itself involves several different steps to cleanse the skin, remove impurities, unclog pores and promote skin cell turnover and come out with your skin feeling fresh and revitalised.

Our intense cleanse facial includes a double cleanse, the first cleanse helps to dissolve any makeup on the skin & the second cleanse removes any oils or dirt left on the skin so we have a nice clean base, we change up the cleanser used depending on skin type.

After the cleanse we use a tool called ultrasonic which helps to deeply cleanse & exfoliate the skin, this electrical treatment sends vibrations that help to lift & loosen blackheads or any dead skin on the top of the skin. To follow we use a peel, which will help to target most skin concerns whether it be acne, dry skin or rosacea we have a peel that will help to tackle this, chemical peels help to improve the appearance of your skin and help to stimulate new cells.

Before we finish, we use a machine called high frequency which is a non-invasive treatment that helps to treat a variety of skins. High frequency is a electrical treatment that can help to target acne, enlarged pores, anti ageing & also helps to regenerate new cells for a smoother complexion.

We also include a fee mask, a face, neck & shoulder massage & to finish we use SPF & ultimate recovery which is a rich cream that helps to restore moisture.

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