Whats the difference between medical grade skincare and high street products?

What is Medical Grade Skincare? 

Medical grade skin care is the term given to skin care products which are made to a higher standard than shop-bought products. Medical grade skincare often contains active ingredients which have been clinically proven to improve compromised skin – which means you are much more likely to see good results, in a shorter period of time when using medical grade skincare, over the traditional high street products! 

Medical Grade skincare vs High Street products

Medical grade skin care products and high street products just aren’t the same. It can often be difficult to understand the reasons behind why spending that bit extra on products is so important when trying to achieve that dream skin of yours. Many people, opt for the high street products because they are more affordable and spending money on medical grade products can seem daunting, however there are many reasons for why the price goes up when a product is medical grade. At Snap Beauty, we supply medical grade products which cannot be bought over the counter in those high street shops, this is because you must be a trained professional to prescribe the products, and that is just one of the very many reasons why committing to medical grade products is a must to achieve that glowing skin!

How often do you buy high street products, and swap and change them because they are just not solving your skin issues? Medical grade skincare works, and this is because it is based on advance science and only issued by trained professionals, like us at Snap Beauty! At our salon, in Southend, we offer FREE consultations for the medical grade skin care brand ZO skin. Medical grade skin care can be a life saver, and a game changer, it just takes that little bit of commitment from you, so here is your sign; to book that consultation and look after your skin. 

Why you should invest in your skincare

Medical grade skincare are products made with high quality ingredients with all the science to back it up. The difference between medical grade skin care, opposed to high street products, is that these products cannot be bought anywhere, for anyone, and are specifically prescribed by highly trained professionals who have passed their trainings and examinations. When you understand the quality, knowledge and science which goes into these products, that price tag becomes less daunting, and makes more sense. At Snap Beauty, we offer FREE consultations where you can discuss your skin concerns, and we can offer you the best products which will combat your skin troubles. High street skin care products are less effective, and as much as they often follow the footsteps of medical grade skincare and formulate with the same or similar products, the quality of ingredient and the amount used is much less – and will not have the same effects compared to medical grade skin care. Medical grade skin care products are formulated with a higher capacity of the ingredients which allows the product to work deeper into the skin, and achieve amazing results, rather than clogging the pores, which high street products often do! 

Medical grade skin care, like ZO skin, can be beneficial for any general skin concerns you may have. However, unlike high street brands, they can also be extremely useful as combatting specific skin conditions through treatments which have been scientifically proven to resolve these issues. Whether you struggle with dull skin, redness, acne or wrinkles and fine lines, ZO skin produces products that are specifically formulated to treat whichever issue you may have, in a way that is not possible with high street products. ZO skin health formulations are up to date, and frequently reflected on to ensure that the results achieved are optimal. Each skincare regime is specifically tailored to each individual patients concerns and needs, unlike with high street products where there is no opportunity to express your concerns and be professionally directed to the right, scientifically advance products. Here at Snap Beauty, we offer ZO skin, which is a medical grade skin care brand that believes everyone can achieve and maintain healthy skin. There are so many different skin concerns that people can, and do, suffer with – which is why that consultation is so valuable to ensure the products prescribed are correct! Our team at Snap Beauty help clients with their skin through our chemical peels, facials, and of course our ZO skincare range which is available at the salon!  

The face behind ZO skin 

The face behind the brand is Dr Obagi, who is world-renowned dermatologist, and the founder of ZO skin. Dr Obagi has created his skincare solutions through his philosophy of creating healthy skin, opposed to fixing and treating diseased and damaged skin. He is ranked as the world’s top expert on chemical peels and is highly skilled in treating skin of colour. At Snap Beauty, we are fortunate enough to have access to ZO skin products, which have been formulated through advanced science, and with Dr Obagi philosophies behind them. The science and efforts that get put into medical grade skincare lines, like ZO skin, are much more complex than your average high street cleanser, and the products produced are full of concentrated ingredients which are scientifically proven to create and maintain healthy skin.

How we can help at Snap Beauty

At Snap Beauty, in Southend, Essex we offer many skin related treatments, all through the use of medical grade products! Not only do we offer in-the-salon treatments, but we also offer our ZO skin line so you can keep on top of your skincare at home! Our ZO skin is only available through booking in for a FREE skin consultation, and then we will give you bespoke product recommendations! ZO skin, and other medical grade skincare products cannot be bought online and can only be purchased through registered accounts that have completed the necessary training and examinations.