Which of your add-on’s should I pick for my facial treatment?

If you have had a facial with us here at Snap Beauty, you will have noticed on our booking system that you are able to choose from several choices of add on for your facial treatments! Each of our add-ons will be beneficial for a different skin concern, here we will explain each in detail so you’re able to make an informed decision.

High Frequency

High frequency works to tackle a multitude of skin concerns, however due to its ability to improve blood circulation, it works particularly well to lessen the appearance of breakouts.
How does high frequency work exactly? High frequency provokes the creation of oxygen molecules, creating an “anti-bacterial” action for the skin. This increases blood flow, and in turn helps your body to push away toxins, as well as increasing production of collagen and elastin.
High Frequency is not a painful treatment, however you will feel a slight “buzz” to the skin.

ZO Skin Hydra Aloe Masque

If your skin is dehydrated and dry, this is the add on for you! This aloe vera based masque is a jelly based masque that has been designed to calm and soothe all skin types. Mint leaf, Allantoin and Aloe Vera are just a few ingredients that work synonymously to reduce the appearance of redness and restore hydration to your skin.

ZO Skin Complexion Clearing Masque

This clay based masque is an entirely natural masque that works to clean blocked pores, and absorb excess oils. With these two attributes being the primary mechanisms of the masque, it is fantastic for those who suffer with frequent breakouts.

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a type of electronic mask that uses light-emitting diode to address a variety of skin concerns at a cellular level. Varying wavelengths of light can be used in the form of different colours to treat different skin concerns. For example, red light is primarily used for anti-ageing, and acne. Led Light does not include UV light, therefore it is entirely safe for repeated use and will not pose any harm to the skin.

Jelly Mask
Our Jelly mask is a hydrating and cooling mask that is able to be used over the eyes and mouth. This is fantastic for those who suffer from dry skin around or on their eyelids or lips. This mask takes around 10 minutes to set, we advise not choosing this mask if you’re someone who is particularly claustrophobic.

We have a huge variety of add-on’s, as well as facials to suit different skin concerns and preferences. To view our facials click here. To book in for any of our facials, click here.