Will regular facials help my acne?

Dealing with acne can be a very stressful time & sometimes it can be hard to find a skincare routine that will help to reduce or clear your acne. Regular facials can stimulate skin cell turnover encouraging fresh healthy skin, we include steps in our facials that help to remove excess oils & unclog pores that may cause acne breakouts.

One of the primary benefits of a facial is their ability to deeply cleanse the skin, all of our Medik8 facials include a double cleanse making sure there is no dirt, oils or makeup left on the skin. It is important to do this every day in a home care routine as this can also prevent acne or your acne getting worse – a clean canvas is important as it enhances the efficiency of skin care products meaning they can penetrate into the skin quicker.

Our clarity facial is perfect for acne prone skin, as it includes a product called a super facial – an enzyme peel that helps to remove the dead skin cells. Having an enzyme peel will also improve your skins complexion and help speed up the production of collagen production. We also use time release glycolic pads, the effectiveness of them is their ability to exfoliate the skin removing dead skin cells which contribute to acne forming.

Before carrying out our facials we offer a consultation to ensure you are having the right facial, our facials can be customised to address specific skin concerns such as acne etc. This is important as this means we are using the correct products for your skin. We recommend having facials every 4 weeks, as this will help tackle your acne but also prevent your skin from getting worse.

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