How to ensure your spray tan lasts

Having a spray tan can be an instant mood lifter! A tanned body can be slimming, accentuate tone and features. Typically a spray tan lasts around one week on average, but how can we make it last longer?!

The secret is all in the prep and post treatment care! Have a read of some of our top tips for prepping your body for a spray tan, as well as our most recommended products for elongating the life of your spray tan.

The Prep:

The day before your tan

• Do any hair removal that you want to do at least 24 hours prior to tanning. Your skin may be sensitive after shaving or waxing, we want to give the skin time to calm down so your tan settles perfectly on the skin.

• Exfoliate the skin the day before you’re due to have your spray tan. The tan will apply so much better on your skin if the dead layer is gone and your skin is as smooth as can be.

• Moisturise your entire body the day before your spray tan. The more hydrated and smooth your skin is, the better your tan will apply. Dry areas will be accentuated by the tan, however we will use a barrier cream over any dry areas before spraying, to ensure the best application.

On the day of your tan

Before coming to your spray tan appointment, have a quick shower to wash off any deodorant or perfume you may have applied earlier in the day. Anything containing perfume, will unfortunately make the spray tan solution turn green when sprayed on your body. This does wash off, however it’s best you wash any excess off before your appointment.

We recommend not applying any moisturiser or makeup before your spray tan. The tanning solution will not adhere properly to heavily moisturised areas, or areas in which there is a barrier – ie, makeup.

After your tan

Leave your spray tan to develop for a minimum of 8 hours. You are able to leave it over 8 hours, however it will not continue to develop beyond this time frame.
Wash the base layer off in the shower, do not bath. Wait until the water runs completely clear before getting out of the shower, and pat yourself dry. Once dry, we recommend applying a moisturiser to your body.

Our favourite top tip is to apply a gradual tanner to your body. This will accentuate your tan, as well as ensuring it lasts for days. We highly recommend the Vita Liberata Gradual Tanning Lotion, as seen below.

As your tan fades, we recommend topping up with the easy to apply, Vita Liberata Tanning Mousse. Using a mitt, apply the tanning lotion by turning the bottle upside down and gently squeezing to release the tanning mousse. using circular motions apply the tan and leave to develop for 8 hours. This is a great option once your tan starts to fade.

Vita Liberata have a fantastic range of self tanning products that compliment our Vita Liberata Spray Tans perfectly. We strongly advising using them in conjunction with your tan to ensure long-lasting results.