Introducing, our very own lash range!



We are so happy to announce that Snap Beauty have created their own line of luxury, faux mink lashes. Our lashes are completely vegan and designed by us, based on our client’s favourite lash styles! Shop our lashes through our website, or at your appointment!

What are strip lashes?

Strip lashes are lashes that are attached to each other in the shape of your eye which you can apply and remove on demand. Strip lashes come in many different styles, so whether you are looking for a natural ‘classics’ look, or a super fluffy dramatic eye, there is a strip lash for you! Strip lashes differ to eyelash extensions as extensions are a more permanent option to enhance the eyes, whereas strip lashes are less maintenance, and not permanent. Our Snap Beauty strip lashes are the perfect option for a special occasion where you want to look a little glam! 

How do I apply the strip lashes?

Anyone can do it! It may seem difficult, but with a little practise and our step-by-step guide, you will get there in no time! 

Step 1. Use tweezers to get the Snap lashes out of the packet, in a firm but gentle manner

Step 2. Apply your chosen adhesive to the lash band, and leave for 20-30 seconds so it can become tacky

Step 3. When the lash is ready, using the tweezers, apply the lash as close to the lash line as possible 

Step 4.Use the tweezers to adjust the position of the lash!

Step 5. Hold down with tweezers, and push slightly so that the glue and your natural lashes can bond

Step 6. Look in the mirror and admire your new lashes!

Step 7. Optional: take a selfie with your Snap Beauty lashes on and tag us @snapbeautysalon 

How long do they last?

Strip lashes can be used over and over, when looked after! You can re-use our strip lashes for all your special occasions without the maintenance of lash extensions. One set of strip lashes can be used from 5 to 25 times, before needing to be replaced. Make sure to keep your lashes clean and safe in between uses to ensure you get the maximum use out of them!

Where can I buy them?

You can buy Snap Beauty’s new lash range now on our website with just one click! Simply, head to our website and check out all our different lash styles, pick your favourite and order it through our website! Not sure which to choose? We are more than happy to help, just pop us a message on our Instagram: @snapbeautysalon and we can recommend some of our favourites! If you are a client, you can purchase your Snap lashes at your appointment in our shop!

Do you offer MUA discount?

If you are an MUA and you are wanting to get your hands on some Snap lashes, then we do offer a 20% discount to all makeup artists. Please email us on orders@snapbeautysalon.co.uk with copies of your certificates or links to your website/social media to receive your discount code! 

See our lashes!


Snap Beauty Strip Lashes style 01

Snap 01 is the perfect lash for those looking for a natural, yet wispy lash to add a small amount of definition to their makeup.


Snap Beauty Strip Lashes 02

Snap 02 is the perfect lash for those looking for a full, Russian inspired lash. The Snap 02 is a medium length lash that brings the drama with its super fluffy effect.


Snap Beauty Strip Lashes 03

Snap 03 is the perfect lash for those looking for a medium length lash that is whispy with varying lengths.


Snap Beauty Strip Lashes 04

Snap 04 is the perfect lash for those looking for a medium fullness, tapered lash that will elongate the eye, giving a “siren” effect. This lash is shorter at the inner corner of the eye, and increases in size towards the outer corner.


Snap Beauty Strip Lashes 05

Snap 05 is the perfect lash for those looking for a  natural, fluffy lash that appears fuller on the outer corners. This will elongate the eyes and make particularly rounded eyes appear more tapered and feline.