Pregnancy and our Treatments

Our Treatments at Snap Beauty

At our Snap Beauty Salon in Southend, Essex we have many treatments available. However, a large amount of our treatments are unfortunately not safe during pregnancy, however we have a fair few to offer you should you be in need of a little pamper whilst pregnant.

With some of our treatments, you will be able to have them during pregnancy, however we advise against it during your first trimester.

If you have any more specific questions regarding any specific treatments, feel free to pop us a message or give us a call! Here in Essex, at Snap Beauty salon, we offer a wide range of treatments from Gel Manicures to dermal fillers. Whatever your beauty needs are, we can probably be of some assistance here at Snap Beauty. 

What Treatments Can I Not Have Whilst Pregnant?

If you are pregnant, it is important to make sure any treatments you get are safe for you to have. Due to fluctuating hormones, your body may be more sensitive to beauty treatments, and hence you may react to the product. In the majority of cases, this may not be detrimental to the baby, however it does mean that you’re unable to take any medication that will calm the reaction. Treatments that are prohibited during pregnancy include lash lifts, advanced facials, injectable treatments, and any spray tans (in the first trimester). Botox and filler treatments are a complete no, no for women during pregnancy and are in fact banned! Botox has only ever been tested on pregnant rats, and in this particular test the rat mother died after administering, as well as the rat baby. Anti-wrinkle substances have never been tested on human ladies that are pregnant. If you have any concerns regarding a treatment and if you can have it or not, here at Snap Beauty, Southend we have many well-trained professionals who are there to answer any of your questions and doubts. 

With regards to skincare, whilst pregnant, you can not use Retinol or any other type of Vitamin A product . Retinol and other products similar have the chances of affecting the fetus so it is advised to avoid them at all costs. If you are in need of an alternative product, you can use Bakuchiol as a replacement to help with uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. This is a plant based product that mimics the same process as Vitamin A on the skin.

Why Are They Not Safe During Pregnancy?

With our Beauty Treatments, it is not necessarily the actual product itself that is unsafe for the women and baby during pregnancy, however it is more likely that our bodies will react differently when pregnant due to fluctuating hormones, this can obviously be very dangerous which is why it is advised to stay clear of the treatments mentioned. There is also nothing to take to calm the reaction if there is one, down. It is better to just refrain from booking in for these treatments whilst you are pregnant, it will be worth it, we promise! 

What Treatments Can I Have Whilst Pregnant?

You will be glad to know that here at Snap Beauty, in Southend, we do have a range of treatments that are safe during pregnancy, so you too can feel pampered throughout your pregnancy, and no matter your pregnancy! You are still able to have a Gel Polish Manicure, so do not fret, those nails can still be looking 10/10 for 9 whole months! Despite our advanced facials that we offer at Snap Beauty being unsafe during pregnancy, our basic facials are still very much on the cards, your skin will never be neglected by The Snap Beauty Team! You can still make use of many of our treatments and feel spoilt nevertheless! Waxing is also a safe treatment to be carried out during pregnancy, whether that be a quick brow tidy before the baby-shower or a full on upper-lip, brow, and leg wax! We got you!