Botulinum Toxin A (BOTOX®) is a natural protein which blocks muscular contractions and so relaxes the affected muscle. Unlike some cosmetic medical treatments, they’re suitable for virtually anyone who has wrinkles or other skin lines that they want to remove.

As well as cosmetic use, BOTOX® has therapeutic uses such as treatment of over-active sweat glands, headaches and teeth grinding. BOTOX® is an FDA approved drug, it has been used within medicine for over four decades and has no known adverse effects. BOTOX® does not reach any other part of your body other than the part it’s injected into, it is administered in such a way that it only affects your muscles and sweat glands.

Like most cosmetic treatments, some side effects can occur. Some clients report mild bruising, while some may experience a headache after having the treatment.


Botox is mainly used to diminish unwanted lines on the forehead, crow’s feet lines around the eyes, and frown lines in-between the brows. However other areas can be treated such as gummy smiles, downturned mouth and dimpled chin. We are also able to do a botox brow lift if you’re looking to improve the appearance of hooded eyes.

At Snap, you’re able to arrange a £20 consultation for any botox treatment. If you decide to go ahead with your treatment, the £20 you have paid will be deducted from your remaining bill.


BOTOX 1 Area – £150.00
BOTOX 2 Areas – £200.00
BOTOX 3 areas – £250.00
Excess sweating (hyperhydrosis) – £450.00


Snap Beauty offer Botox in Essex including Southend-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea, Benfleet and Rayleigh and all of the surrounding areas.

All aesthetics appointments are carried out by fully qualified, experienced and insured medical practitioners.



Botox relaxes the injected facial muscles, causing them to appear smoother and preventing new wrinkles from forming. They are most effective for expression lines around the eyes and forehead, and the results will typically last for 3-6 months. This is different to dermal fillers, which add volume to the wrinkled area rather than relaxing the muscle beneath. Botox targets the cause, whereas fillers target the effect. Deep wrinkles that are apparent even when the muscle is relaxed are better candidates for fillers than Botox.

Injections always bring some degree of discomfort, however Botox anti-wrinkle injections are almost painless and require no surface numbing. The needles used are very small, so you’ll feel just a prick.

We always warn clients to expect some bruising however it depends on how prone you are to bruising. Some medications mean you are more prone to bleeding or bruising (e.g. aspirin). But bruising is always temporary and doesn’t affect the final result. Other things to expect are swelling, redness, discomfort and small risk of infection (so follow instructions given!)

Side effects for anti-wrinkle injections are minimal and have been used for decades to treat other medical conditions including excessive sweating but we advise against it if you have any neuromuscular  disorders (e.g. Myasthenia Gravis).

We advise against Botox during breastfeeding and pregnancy, or if you have any allergies to Botulium Toxin®️.

That depends on how much is injected. We are always more on the conservative side and are happy to top it up if you want some more for free 2 weeks later. That way, we build up to the dose that works for you. Less is better to begin with. We always document how much we use then we learn what dose works best for you so we know how much to start with next time.

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