Sun Beds VS Self Tanning

What you should consider & what you really need to know when choosing sunbeds over fake tan! 

To me, it is baffling that sunbeds are still popular. Having said that, it is fair to say I probably know more than the average person regarding the detrimental effects they can unfortunately have on your skin. I hope that by reading this, you’re able to make smart and educated choices that your future self will thank you for.

We all love to be tanned, I will be forever jealous of those with gorgeous brown skin. I am particularly pale, I am 100% British with not an ounce of exoticness running through my blood. I have tried very hard to embrace my pale skin, but alas, for me being tanned connotes healthy, glowing and gorgeous, therefore it is often that I am wanting to be tanned.

Unfortunately, the risks of skin cancer and severe premature ageing are extremely real. According to Cancer research U.K, there are over 16,000 cases of melanoma skin cancer every year, over 2,000 of those result in deaths. According to the NHS 147 non-melanoma skin cancer cases are diagnosed each year. Although 9-10 non-melanoma skin cancer cases are curable, the important point to remember here is that every melanoma case is preventable.

The causes of skin cancer are predominately caused by excessive sun exposure, and often the use of sunbeds. Risks are of course higher to those of white ethnicity, however that doesn’t mean to say that those of darker skin tones are risk free of skin cancers.
According to the Fitzpatrick’s skin scale, groups I and II are at higher risk. Characteristics of these groups include light eyes (green, blue or grey), alongside pale skin that is most likely to burn. Advice for these groups are to wear sunscreen of at least factor 30, daily, and to avoid prolonged periods of sun exposure.
It is this group in particular that naturally desire to be more tanned, so there must be more widely available knowledge surrounding the dangers of the sun and sunbeds, as well as the alternate, safer options. 

In addition to this, excessive sun exposure is the number one reason for premature ageing. The sun breaks down our skins natural elasticity, as well as damaging collagen proteins in the skin. If you’re after fresh, youthful skin, make sure you’re wearing a high factor whilst in the sun to maintain your skin! 

So why is there such a stigma surrounding fake tanning still? Fake tan has come a long old way since the days of the offensive biscuit smelling, bright orange liquids that once graced our shelves. You’re now able to buy fake tans in the form of lotions, aerosols and mousse, tinted or clear, with the choice of many different shades.

Here at Snap, we have researched hard to bring you the very best available fake tans on the market. Irish brand Vita Liberata delivers a comprehensive range of tans to suit everybody with added benefits such as the inclusion of hyaluronic acid in their formulations to ensure that your tan doesn’t fade in an undesirable or uneven way.

Our particular favourites are the Vita Liberata Fabulous range. Available as a mousse, spray or lotion, the Vita Liberata fabulous tanning range boasts odour remove technology which is patented, completely organic and cruelty free. 

Vita Liberata make sure that every tan available is a natural looking, their medium tans give a sun-kissed look, whilst their darker tans give a deep-bronzed look. Nobody will ever guess that your tan has come from a bottle! 

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