Sustainable Beauty

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that we all have a duty to help repair some of the damage humans have done to our planet. Whilst the human population increases beyond comprehension, the population of the animal world declines rapidly. Not to mention, our oceans and landfill sites are filled with non-biodegradable rubbish and deforestation is out of control.

As David Attenborough pointed out in his most recent Netflix documentary “A Life On Our Planet”, the damage that has been done, thankfully, is reversible. As a collective, we can take small steps that make a huge difference in repairing the damage. 

In the beauty industry, we have often have hard battle between being extremely hygienic and being sustainable. Here at Snap, the decision to adapt our services to be more environmentally friendly has been at the forefront of our objectives.

In store, reducing waste can be challenging, however the beauty industry is becoming a lot more versatile, and in turn, greener. Our efforts are in essence, small, however the it’s little endeavours compounded that will make a huge difference.

Practices we’ve implemented include emailing receipts instead of printing, a completely online booking system and no paper consultation forms. Reducing paper in this way would be hugely impactful if everybody within the industry onboarded such systems.

Within treatment, we have begun to look at which elements generate the most waste. We’re starting to invest in zero waste tools such as metal wax spatulas and re-usable cotton pads.

Switching to these will significantly reduce our waste, currently, these items are used in our most popular treatments such as Brow Sculpt, HD Brows and LVL lashes.

When introducing new product lines, we make an effort to bring brands on board that are not only fantastic quality for our clients, but who are also consciously being sustainable.
Some of the elements we look for when choosing new brands include recyclable packaging, products that are vegan, environmentally friendly, as well as using brands developed in Britain to minimise the carbon footprint when transiting to us. 

Our go-to skincare brand Medik8’s eventual goal is to become “the world’s first sustainable professional-led skincare brand”. Being a fully sustainable brand, of course, comes with a whole host of hurdles. That being said, Medik8 skincare seem to be on their way to achieving what they’ve set out to do. Their initiatives are comprehensive and are considerate towards not only sustainability in their product formulations, but also their packaging. 

We love the fact Medik8 skincare use recycled plastic & pre-loved glass for products, you will notice this particularly if you’re a Medik8 Retinol fan! As well as this, their outer packaging is completely recyclable and has been created entirely using recycled materials. 

Additionally, Medik8 actively fight for animal rights, they are advocates for the fight against animal testing in cosmetics and skincare, an extremely prevalent issue within the skincare world. 

Medik8 have recently accomplished vegan status, this is a huge achievement to have such effective and results-driven products with vegan status. Medik8 as a brand want to see a ban of ingredients that have a detrimental effect on the environment, such as palm oil. An ingredient that is used to enhance the longevity of a product, however often unethically sourced and a major cause of deforestation in forests that are home to many endangered species. 

We’re starting to expand our product range to include items that encourage sustainable beauty at home. Our re-usable face pads are a fantastic way to do your bit at home, we dread to think how many cotton pads and cotton balls the average female uses every month! We recommend having a different for pad every day, and using them alongside a cleanser. We have a great range of Medik8 cleanser to accompany.
Our re-usable makeup pads are completely washable, we do recommend washing in a delicates bag to keep them in good condition. 

What would you like to see us offer both in store or online to support sustainability within beauty? Email your suggestions to info@snapbeautysalon.co.uk