Lip Blush your way into summer!

What is lip blush? 

At Snap Beauty salon in Southend, Essex, we have many different treatments, ranging from nails, lashes, facials and lip blush. Lip blush is a type of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure which alters/enhances the colour and shape of your lips using tiny needles which deposit pigment. The treatment itself can last 2-3 years and not to mention, save a lot of time in the mornings! Most individuals who choose the lip blushing treatment choose it for the colour aspect, to give off that blushed lips look, however, the treatment can also be used to fix and even out the shape of your lips, as well as cover scars which may affect the appearance of your lips.  

What is the difference between Lip Blush and Lip Filler?

Here at Snap Beauty, in Southend, Essex, we offer both Lip filler and Lip blush on our list of treatments, however they differ in many ways! Lip filler/Dermal Filler consists of a naturally occurring substance (hyaluronic acid) which can be injected into the lips, as well as other areas of the face, and your hands. This then draws moisture to the area and increases the volume, enlarging, in this case, the area of the lips. Lip Blush is different as there is no use of hyaluronic acid, and nothing is deposited inside the lips, just pigment inserted into the skin’s dermis. Lip Blush treatment implants a pigment into the dermis with a digital pen device, which reaches upper dermal layer allowing for long-lasting results on our clients. Lip Filler treatment does not impact or change the colour on the client’s lips, however lip blush does. Lip Filler is a better suited treatment for a client with goals of increasing the lip size, however our Lip Blush treatment can also help give the illusion that your lips are bigger in size purely by giving off a more defined look through the blushing technique. If you are unsure on which treatment is right for you, feel free to book in for a chat or DM us on Instagram we will be more than happy to advise, explain and help! 

Can I have both Lip Blush and Lip filler treatment?

You can get both treatments, and both treatments together often give stunning results! However, if you are wanting to get both lip blush treatment and lip filler, you should always get the lip blush before the lip filler. The first reason is because lip blushing lasts longer than lip filler, so it is best to get the lip blush done before as you may need a lip filler top up, however lip blush can last up to 3 years, meaning it is a lot less maintenance. The other reason is lip filler changes the shape of your lips, if the lip blush is applied after your lip filler, then when the filler fades, the blush may look uneven, this means you may have to continue getting the filler to keep the lip blush looking even. It is common that after a client’s lip blush treatment, they do not want filler anymore as lip blush does enhance the lips shape and colour enough for some clients, this way, you can be sure if you want just the lip blush alone, or both treatments! So, if you are thinking of scheduling for your lip filler or lip blush treatment, and are not sure which to book first…lip blush, always! 

Please note, we advise a period of 4 weeks between lip blush and lip filler treatments. 

What can I expect at my Lip blush appointment?

Now, we know it can be daunting going to the salon for a NEW treatment you haven’t had before, and maybe you don’t know anyone who has had it either, so you have no idea what to expect… scary right? Well, here at Snap Beauty, in Southend, we want every one of our clients to feel comfortable, relaxed, and excited, not scared! 

Firstly, prior to your appointment you will need to book in for a patch test and a consultation, at least 24 hours before your appointment. We will patch test you for the products we use and check you’re suitable to have the treatment done.  We recommend avoiding coffee, aspirin, and alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

The treatment itself involves minimal pain and a super quick recovery time. After your treatment, you will be provided with an aftercare balm to use. We recommend using this twice a day until the treated area is healed. For the first few days your lips will be a brighter colour, and after this your lips will become slightly chapped, however this just means your skin is healing, and you are one step closer to those dreamy, coloured lips! Your lip colour and the pigment will continue to merge and eventually, you will see the end colour. Your lip blush colour will last for around 1 year before needing a top up to refresh.  Please do not use sunbeds, a sauna or swimming pools after treatment. We don’t recommend using makeup on the area during the healing period. In your consultation, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have, and we will explain the whole process of the treatment. Any questions you may have, feel free to DM us on our Instagram @snapbeautysalon or give the salon a call.