The Treatments 

At Snap Beauty in Southend, Essex, we have both Microblading and SPMU treatments available. As much as we love to perform both treatments on our clients, it is important to know the differences between them, to ensure you are choosing the right treatment for your needs and your skin type. Essentially, Microblading is a more natural way to adapt your brows, and SPMU is still natural, however can give off a more ‘filled in’ look; hence the name; semi-permanent makeup!


Microblading is an extremely natural way of enhancing and improving the brows shape and thickness. Microblading is great for both neatening uneven brows, and replacing thinned out brow hair with its realistic hair stroke effect. Microblading is the ideal treatment for you if you prefer natural, as it lightly scratches life-like hairs into your brows. However, if you are looking for a more filled in look, we have other brow treatments which may be more your style! Despite Microblading being a No.1 treatment to both us and our clients, it is a more invasive treatment in comparison to SPMU, and it is less effective for those with oiler skin types. At your consultation here at Snap Beauty, we talk through all the options of treatments available as well as carrying out a patch test. 


SPMU at Snap Beauty in Southend is another popular treatment. It differs from Microblading as it aims to give the same effect as makeup, however semi-permanently and slightly faded at the front to appear more natural. SPMU is perfect for those who like to fill their eyebrows in, or perhaps if you have thinned out brows and want to have them appear darker and more defined. Many clients can benefit massively from our SPMU treatment here at Snap Beauty, including if you suffer with hair loss, have allergies to makeup or have a difficult time applying makeup, and we are still able to achieve a natural look for you. Microblading would be a better option if the client desired a more natural brow look, however SPMU can be a great alternative for anyone with an oilier skin type, as Microblading strokes can sometimes blend together if you have oily skin, however SPMU results are not affected by different skin types. 

How long do they take?

Your microblading procedure at Snap Beauty, in Southend will happen over two treatments, the first one being roughly an hour and a half, and the second lasting approximately an hour. Our SPMU treatment can typically take 2-2.5 hours, depending on the area being treated and the client’s skin.

How long do they last?

Both treatments tend to last around 1 year and will fade over the course of a year. After that year, we would advise a top up to boost the colour that may have faded over the year. Despite our Microblading treatment using a similar machine to traditional tattooing, it can fade over the course of the year as it only reaches the top layer of the skin, so it is less permanent. SPMU treatments do tend to be better for longevity as the device reaches the upper dermal layer.

How do the treatments differ?

Microblading creates life-like hair strokes into the brows, using a freehand blade. This blade only reaches the top layer of the skin so can often begin to fade in 1 year. Despite this treatment being effective at creating a natural brow, it is only used in this area. However, SPMU can be used not only as a treatment for the brows, but also lips and eyes for eyeliner. SPMU is carried out using an electronic devise which different techniques can be applied for different desired outcomes. SPMU reaches the upper dermal layer which means long-lasting results for our clients. 

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here at Snap Beauty , we talk through all the options of treatments available as well as carrying out a patch test.